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Computer Networks (COE 431): TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (Spring 2019)

Click here to download the syllabus for the undergraduate computer networks course (COE 431). Below is enclosed a tentative schedule for the said course. Note that electronic versions of the lecture slides and the solution keys are also made available for you to download.


Date Topic Assignments Supporting files used in-class
January 15 Overview and course logistics (ppt)    
January 17 Connection-oriented Networks vs. Connectionless Networks (ppt)   Samples
January 22 Connection-oriented Networks vs. Connectionless Networks (Continued)   In-class Problems
January 24 Circuit, Packet Switching, Delay, and Throughput (ppt)    
January 29 SONET/SDH (ppt)    
Jannuary 31 SONET/SDH (Continued)    
February 05 Access Networks and Circuit Switching (ppt)    
February 07 Access Networks, Protocol stack and Application Layer (ppt)    
February 12 Quiz I and Classwork I    
February 14 Protocol Stack (Continued)    
February 19 Socket Programming (ppt)    
February 21 Socket Programming (Continued)    
February 26 Socket Programming (Continued)   In-class Problems
February 28 Application Layer (the web) (ppt)   Exam Preparation Problems
Socket Programming
March 5 HTTP, Cookies, FTP, and SMTP (ppt)    
March 7 Domain Name System (DNS) (ppt)    
March 12 Peer to Peer applications (P2P) (ppt)    
March 14 Transport-layer Multiplexing and Demultiplexing, and UDP (ppt)
Building Reliable Data Transfer Protocols (ppt)
March 19 Exam I    
March 21 Pipelined Reliable Data Transfer Protocols and TCP (ppt)    
March 26 Reliable data transfer, fast retransmit, and flow control (ppt)   ExercisesII
March 28 TCP Congestion Control (ppt)    
April 02 Network Layer (Introduction) (ppt)    
April 04 Quiz II and Classwork II    
April 09 IP Addressing and Subnetting (ppt)    
April 11 NAT, DHCP and ICMP (ppt)
Routing Algorithms (ppt)
April 16 Exam II    
April 18 Data Link Layer (ppt)
ARP and Switching (ppt)
April 23 Data Link Layer (Continued)