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Data Structures (COE 312): TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (Fall 2017)

Click here to download the syllabus for the undergraduate Data Structures (COE 312) course. On a different note, please find below a tentative schedule for the said course. Note that electronic versions of the lecture slides, assignments, and solutions are also made available for you to download.


Date Topic Solution Keys Java files used in-class
August 29 Overview, goals and logistics    
August 31 File Management in Java    
September 05 File Management in Java (Continued)   First Set
September 07 Classes of NIO package (ppt)   Second Set
September 12 Classes of NIO package (Continued)   Third Set
September 14 Consuming XML-formatted data (ppt)   Resources I
Fourth Set
September 19 Consuming JSON-formatted Data (ppt)   Fifth Set
September 21 Al Hijra New Year    
September 26 Consuming JSON-formatted Data (Continued)   Sixth Set
September 28 Project I    
October 03 Inheritance   Seventh Set
October 05 Polymorphism (ppt)   8th Set
October 10 Exception Handling (ppt) Project I (Solution) 9th Set
October 12 Exception Handling (Continued) Exam I (Fall 2016)
Exam I (Fall 2015)
Chapter Solutions
10th Set
October 17 Recursion (ppt)   11th Set
October 19 Recursion (Continued)   12th Set
October 24 Recursion (Continued)   13th Set
October 26 Exam I    
October 31 Algorithm Analysis (ppt)   Useful Formulas
14th Set
November 02 Algorithm Analysis (Continued) (ppt)    
November 07 Stack ADT (ppt)    
November 09 Stack ADT (Continued)   15th Set
November 14 Queue ADT (ppt)   16th Set
November 16 Singly Linked List (ppt) Exam II (Fall 2016)
Exam II Preparation
17th Set
November 21 Singly Linked List (Continued)   18th Set
November 23 Doubly Linked List    
November 28 Exam II    
November 30 Holiday    
December 05 Doubly Linked List (Continued)   19th Set
December 07 Collection and Collections (ppt)   Collections Demo
20th Set