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COE Application (COE 593): TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (Fall 2019)

Click here to download the syllabus for the undergrduate COE Application (COE 593) course. On a different note, please find below a tentative schedule for the said course. Note that electronic versions of the lecture slides, assignments, and solutions are also made available for you to download.


Date Topic Solution Keys Java files used in-class
August 29 Overview, goals and logistics    
September 03 Formatting with printf Method (ppt)
String, StringBuilder, and Character (ppt)
September 05 NIO Package Classes (ppt)   First Set
September 10 Ashoura    
September 12 NIO Package Classes (Continued)   Second Set
September 17 Object Serialization (ppt)    
September 19 Object Serialization (Continued)   Third Set
September 24 Regular Expressions (ppt)   Fourth Set
September 26 Java 8 Lambdas and Streams (ppt)   Fifth Set
October 01 Java 8 Lambdas and Streams (Continued)
Tomorrow is the last day of early withdrawal
  Sixth Set
October 03 Java 8 Lambdas and Streams (Continued)   Seventh Set
October 08 Introduction to Java-FX (ppt)   8th Set
October 10 Project I    
October 15 Java-FX and Scene Builder (ppt)   9th Set
October 17 Scene Builder (Continued)   10th Set
October 22 Scene Builder (Continued)    
October 24 Scene Builder(Continued), Mouse and Key Events (ppt) Exam I (Fall 2016)
Exam I (Fall 2015)
Resources I
October 29 Animations in Java-FX (ppt)    
October 31 Animations (Continued) and Gluon Mobile    
November 05 Android Application Development (ppt)
Tomorrow is the last day for withdrawal from course
  Resources II
November 07 Android Application Development (Continued) (ppt)  
November 12 Midterm Exam    
November 14 Android Activity Life Cycle (ppt)    
November 19 Data Persistence (ppt)    
November 21 WebView and Downloading Network Files (ppt)    
November 26 Fragment Management (ppt)    
November 28 Intents (ppt)    
December 02 Intents (Continued)